World Class Manufacturing

Industrial Evolution is committed to manufacturing engine
components that set the bar for the highest standards in
the industry. Our state of the art facility is outfitted with
high volume Makino machining centers capable of
exacting precision. We are constantly investing in new
technology in order to streamline our production
process and improve quality.

Industrial Evolution is a division of Dart Machinery,
which means that every component has over 30 years
of expertise and success in the aftermarket industry
behind it. The staff at Industrial Evolution are experienced
engine builders and designers, who specialize in finding the
most practical and efficient solutions for reliable engine power.
Every component is 100% cast, machined and finished in
the U.S.A. from start to finish.

From our Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine with
passive probing capability, to our Gehring SoloHone,
our powerful Makino centers and an impressive array
of cutting edge CNC machines, to our staff of highly
trained experts, Industrial Evolution spares no expense
and cuts no corners when it comes to making the most
reliable, best designed engine components available.

A division of Dart Machinery, ltd. -